Posted on 7th Jun 2017

What is more valuable to you as a player? Please respond in your own personal priority order
1- A $350 Visa Gift Card
2- A Vizio 55 inch TV
3- A $365 NLO Voucher with a chance to Win $50,000 in next years NLO Event for No Limit Players Only
4- A $365 Cruise Voucher for the Next No Limit Cruise.
The No Limit NCL SKY cruise includes ALL you can drink, fine dining, gratuities, and Private Poker Room Access for $450 per person exclusively through No Limit. It is currently $550 per person online without fine dining and without free gratuities.

Please give us your feedback on this and any other feedback.


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Posted By Deitrik Brashears at 7th Jun 2017 11:15:33am

Hello Deitrik , What is more valuable to me as a player? My answer would depend on how far away the date is for NLO. If I were to win now, or soon, I would take the gift card. If it was closer to the NLO date (if you had one) and I did not qualify yet at a Golden Ticket event I would take the N

Posted By Steve Kozdra at 8th Jun 2017 05:10:51am

A $365 NLO Voucher for No Limit Players Only. If the NLO was an open buy-in I would take the Visa Card.

Posted By Neil Shapiro at 23rd Jun 2017 11:23:41am

1,4,3,2. Travel to the Port of Departure would be nice also. I would also like to see the food and drink chip ups eliminated from the nightly games and from the tournament games. The reason for this is that I believe that it dilutes the game. Also it puts more pressure on the dealer to try and k

Posted By Tim Nelson at 25th Jun 2017 08:21:36am

1,2,4,3. The gift card is the only prize listed which would not cost me money to use.

Posted By Jack Sackett at 30th Jun 2017 07:00:01am

4 - Cruise 3 - NLO Voucher 1- Visa Gift Card 2- TV in that order! Also I agree with Tim Nelson about the food /drink and shot chip up for the nightly games. I believe the games would be more competetive thus having bigger crowds well into the end of each season. I suggest no more than 1-food/

Posted By THE WIZ at 4th Jul 2017 02:10:53am

To continue my suggestion that was cut off. I suggest no more than 1-food/ 2-drinks and 1 shot round per game., this will also curb those who excessivley drink and make the sober people uncomfortable!

Posted By THE WIZ at 4th Jul 2017 02:18:21am

Visa Gift Card is the draw for me!

Posted By Barry Berger at 5th Jul 2017 06:50:01am

3,1,2,4. The most coveted prize is " always " another opportunity to prove as a poker player that you can WIN at a major event!!

Posted By Sherman Perkins at 11th Jul 2017 02:15:10am

My first choice is visa gift card, 2nd is $365 NLO voucher

Posted By Doc Brown at 12th Jul 2017 02:59:12am