No Limit Open (NLO) Event - Spring 2023 12pm - Click here for Structure Sheet

This is a $25,000 Guaranteed "Invitation Only" Tournament held at the Palm Beach Kennel Club.

Champion - $10,000 CASH + Exclusive NLO TROPHY & WATCH and Bragging Rights

Players can qualify for an "Invitation" to "BUY IN" to the NO LIMIT OPEN by

- Winning a Player Appreciation (PAT) NLO Satellite Event
- Winning any Regional Main Event Championship
- Making Final 9 at the Bar Leader
- Winning a Bar Lead in the 3 seasons leading up to the NLO
- Making Final 9 at one of our Larger Regional Main Events
- Winning a BPO Seats ONLINE
- Winning any No Limit Voucher
- Being invited to "buy-in" to this event by qualifying through the BPO invitation system. Approximately the Top 600 players in BPO points are invited to "buy-in".

**The NEW NLO format will be based on a $150 + $35 = $185 **The online BPO seats can "NOT" be redeemed at NLO events at this time. It will still be an invitation only tournament. Guaranteed Prize Pool will be the same.

**We will have some smaller local No Limit Open Events outside of South Florida. These smaller events will have smaller guaranteed prize pools but they will have the same deep stack blind structure and the same prestigious NLO Trophy and watch.


We are a FREE poker league which is creating a live social game where players can experience the same fun and excitement as the WSOP without risking anything of value. All of our games are FREE to play and there are absolutely NO drink Minimums, NO cover charges, NO membership fees, and NO spending requirements of any kind. Dealers are independent contractors and their sole income is the optional gratuities/tips they receive from players. These tips are completely optional. All forms of gambling at our venues are strictly prohibited. Any players, or dealers caught gambling will be banned from league play. Venue Gift Cards, Prize Pools and Regional/Main Event advancements may vary by region. Terms and Conditions are subject to change. See website for details and updates or call your local Regional Owner.

No Limit Open Winner - George Varga May, 2017 - Click Here To View Facebook Post

No Limit Open Final Table - May, 2017 - Click Here To View Facebook Post