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Paul "Sirpoker" Cassella

Season 2, 2020 - Feb 03, 2020 - May 31, 2020

National Ranking #2 2092 Points

New York Regional Ranking #1 2092 Points

Games Placed:
Favorite Website:
Home Town:
Eastport, NY
Favorite Hand:
AK, and pairs above 9s
Favorite Dealer:
Chris Ciccone
Bad Beat:
I have so many. I was playing in a charity in Eastport and i was in a hand with my buddy Joe Rambola. I had Aces came in swinging like i normally do. Joe calls. Flop comes A 10 10. Very happy to flop such a huge , i slow down, and my buddy joe moves in. I gave it some thought decided to call. HE HAD QUAD 10s. I was drawing slim with blanks on the turn and river.
You don't want to win like that