BAR POKER OPEN - Vegas in June and Florida in November - Click here for Structure Sheet
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Bar Poker Open Tokens are virtual tokens for a weekly online tournament with a chance to win a FULL VEGAS PACKAGE (airfare & hotel) to play in the $200,000 Bar Poker Open at the Golden Nugget every year in June!! No Limit Pub Poker gives away BPO Tokens each night at participating BPO Venues! The Winner of Game 1 and Game 2 receive a token and the player with the most points for the entire night also gets a token and the same person can not win more than 1 token in the same night.

In addition to the FULL VEGAS PACKAGE, 1 player in every 50 entries (about 20 players) wins a $300.00 seat to play in the $200,000 BPO tournament held in Las Vegas in June. Players who win seats from approximately May 12th to October 1st can also use these seats toward the $100,000 BPO Eastern Championship that is usually held in Florida in November. Seats that are won from approximately October 1st to May 12th can only be used in Vegas in June. There is usually over $5,000 in prizes every week!!

These BPO Satellite events are every Sunday at 11am and you have to have a BPO Token to play and there is two rebuys which requires 1 BPO token for each rebuy. Tournament starts at 11am and you can register until 1:20pm.

Additional BPO Tournaments

HIGH ROLLER EVENT- Where players can use a lot of tokens for a chance to win multiple Vegas Packages.

SUPER QUALIFIER EVENT- This event is similar to the HIGH ROLLER EVENT except this is INVITATION ONLY for players who qualify through the BPO point system.

MASTERS TOURNAMENT - Every year players with "Extra" BPO seats can use those seats as entries into the Masters Tournament where the Winner "automatically" gets a seat into Day 2 of the BPO Main Event with an average stack and already "in the money".

BPO PRO Memberships - An additional chance to Win even more prizes, cash and Tokens each week. Check it out online or ask your local MD. We give away an extra 1000 chips on the re-entry of ALL MAIN games if you are an "active" BPO PRO Member. It is just $29.00 a month and you can unlock countless more opportunities to Win Cash and Prizes!! Every Friday at 7pm there is a $1,000 Token game and Every night at 9pm there is a $100 Token Builder which costs a token. In addition No Limit does a private nppt game in the play money room on Mondays and Wednesdays at 8:30pm.

We are a FREE poker league which is creating a live social game where players can experience the same fun and excitement as the WSOP without risking anything of value. All of our games are FREE to play and there are absolutely NO drink Minimums, NO cover charges, NO membership fees, and NO spending requirements of any kind. Dealers are independent contractors and their sole income is the optional gratuities/tips they receive from players. These tips are completely optional. All forms of gambling at our venues are strictly prohibited. Any players, or dealers caught gambling will be banned from league play. Venue Gift Cards, Prize Pools and Regional/Main Event advancements may vary by region. Terms and Conditions are subject to change. See website for details and updates or call your local Regional Owner.

Bar Poker Open Venues