The Bahamas Satellite Events/PAT's are poker tournaments for all of our players and all of their friends and family. These exciting tournaments give our players the chance to test their poker skills against a larger field. Players will win No Limit Vouchers ranging from $185 to $500 for any one of our huge annual events. The rest of the final table will win a gift card or some NO LIMIT swag. The prize pools for each event will be advertised on the individual event pages and on our website and facebook. The Winners can use their vouchers at our annual events which include:The $25,000 NLO Open (Spring), The $200,00 BPO in Vegas (June), The $100,000 BPO in Florida (November), and the No Limit Poker Cruise (February). These events are an extension of the fun and camaraderie created at nightly events. These annual poker vacations are guaranteed to create Amazing memories that will last a lifetime. No Limit is very flexible with "vacation vouchers". They can be used towards other local poker tournaments or other vacations. They do expire after 12 months.

How to Qualify

These are open events and everyone is qualified to play as long as you complete or have completed a new player registration form.

How to get Extra Chips

Bar Leaders will receive an Extra 3000 in chips for each bar lead. Players will receive an additional 1500 in chips for each venue where they are in 2nd through 10th place. The maximum number of chips a player can receive for these chip ups is 7500 extra chips. Bring a new player to a PAT and you both will receive 2000 in extra chips and the new player will receive a FREE Drink! (at participating venues).

Bahamas Cards

NLNY uses Bahamas "Cards" at this time instead of points. The winner of each game gets a Bahamas Card and if the final two players chop then they will both get a card. The Final two players will automatically get a card if the Main game has more than 13 players. At the moment all cards expire 4 months after the issue date but this policy could change. Each Bahamas Card gets you 500 extra chips for a max if 5000 extra chips for 10 Bahamas Cards.

Thank you to everyone for your support!!

Upcoming Bahamas Events

We are a FREE poker league which is creating a live social game where players can experience the same fun and excitement as the WSOP without risking anything of value. All of our games are FREE to play and there are absolutely NO drink Minimums, NO cover charges, NO membership fees, and NO spending requirements of any kind. Dealers are independent contractors and their sole income is the optional gratuities/tips they receive from players. These tips are completely optional. All forms of gambling at our venues are strictly prohibited. Any players, or dealers caught gambling will be banned from league play. Venue Gift Cards, Prize Pools and Regional/Main Event advancements may vary by region. Terms and Conditions are subject to change. See website for details and updates or call your local Regional Owner.