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2 Penguins Tap Bar & Grill

Ace Cafe Orlando MAIN EVENT
Alabama Joe's Wednesday
All Sports Grill - Opened - Mask Optional - No Max
Ambrosia Cafe
American Craft Aleworks
American Icon Brewery
Angler's Cove

Angler's Cove

Average Joe's Saturday - Starts 9/5 - MASK MANDATORY - NO CAP
Average Joe's Thursday - Opened - Mask Mandatory - NO CAP
Backstreets Sports Bar

Backstreets Sports Bar

BB's Bar & Grill Sundays - Opened - Mask Madatory - No Max
BB's Bar And Grill Thursday
Beef & Ale Friday - MM - STARTS 10/9
Beef & Ale Saturdays
Beef & Ale Sunday - MM - STARTS 10/11
Beef & Ale Tuesdays - Start Date 9/1 MASK MANDATORY - NO CAP
Best of British - Starts 9/7 - Mask Optional - No Cap
Big Rocco's Pizzeria & Tavern - MM - STARTS 10/14
Black Rose Irish Pub - MASK OPTIONAL - NO CAP
Blue Anchor Monday - Opened - Mask Optional - NO CAP
Blue Anchor Thursday - Opened - Mask Optional - NO CAP
Blue Boar
Bogey's & Stogey's
Saturdays - MAsk Optional- STARTS 10/3

Bogey's & Stogey's
Thursdays - Mask Optional - STARTS 10/1

Bootleg Mannings
Bowland Lehigh

Brass Tap Pembroke Pines
Brown Derby Nite Club
Starts Soon

Bru's Room Boynton Mondays
Bru's Room Boynton Thursday
Bru's Room Miami
Bru's Room Pembroke Pines
Bru's Room Royal Palm Fridays
Bru's Room Royal Palm Tuesdays
Brus Room Coconut Creek Monday
Bud's Sports Bar - Monday
Buds Sports Bar
Buffalo Wild Wings
Jensen Beach Friday

Buffalo Wild Wings Coral Springs
Buffalo Wild Wings Deerfield Beach
Buffalo Wild Wings Pembroke Pines Saturdays
Buffalo Wild Wings Pembroke Pines Tuesdays
Cabin Sports Bar
Cabin Sports Bar Saturdays
Cactus Jack's Waterfront Grill
Cactus Jack's Waterfront Grill

Carolina Ale House - MM - NO CAP
Celebrity Lanes Wednesdays
Changing Times East Northport
Changing Times Farmingdale (ON HOLD)
Charlie's Bar & Grill
Chili's Grill & Bar
Clancy's Irish Sports Pub

Coconut Falls Tiki Bar & Grill
Connolly's Sports Bar and Grill - Start Date 9/3 MASK MANDATORY - NO CAP
Daytona Racing & Card Club
Delray Hideaway - Mask Mandatory - No Cap
Diamond Billiards

Diamond Billiards

District Bar
Downtown Gatorz

Downtown Gatorz

Downtown Gatorz

Duffy's Clematis
Duffy's Clematis Tuesdays
Duffy's Millenia Mall Friday
Duffy's Millenia Mall Monday
Dylan's Drafthouse

Dylan's Drafthouse

East Acre Pub & Grub - Wednesday
East Acre Pub & Grub

East on Main Mattituck (COMING SOON)
Elmo's Rock Bar & Grill - Mask Optional - NOW NON SMOKING
Fox & Hounds - Start Date 9/17 MASK OPTIONAL - NO CAP
Frog Lounge Fridays
Frog Lounge Saturday

Frog Lounge Sundays

FuNuGyz Saturdays
Gatorz Bar & Grill

Gin Mill Fort Pierce - Mask Optional - STARTS 9/29
Golden Ticket Events Leaderboard
Graffiti Junktion - MASK OPTIONAL - NO CAP
Graffiti Junktion Tuesdays - MASK OPTIONAL - NO CAP
Grafton Street Pub
Grande's Bella Cucina - Starting 9/14 - MASK MANDATORY - NO CAP
Greene Turtle Smithtown
Hive Bar and Grill - Starts 9/8 - Mask Mandatory - No Cap
Hot Pie Pizza
Hurricane Wings Manorville (COMING SOON)

In-Cahoots Pub
Irishmen Sundays - Start date 9/13 - MASK MANDATORY - CAP 9
Irishmen Tuesdays Opened - Mask Optional - No Max
Island Jacks Patio Bar & Grill Fridays
Island Jacks Patio Bar & Grill Wednesdays
Jackson's Commack (ON HOLD)
JJ Muggs Stadium Grill Friday - Start Date 9/4 MASK MANDATORY- NO CAP
JJ Muggs Stadium Grill Saturday
JJ Muggs Stadium Grill Wednesday - Start Date 9/16 MASK MANDATORY - NO CAP
Johnny Q's Thursdays - MM - STARTS 10/8
K & K Billards
Kelly Brothers - Start Date 9/15 MASK OPTIONAL - NO CAP
Kettle Black
Kirby's Sports Grille Sundays
Kocomo's - Mask Optional - No Max
Kocomo's Sunday
La Familia Mexican Restaurant
Las Margaritas
Lilo's Streetfood & Bar
Lily Flanagan's
Lily Red's Bar & Grill
Lincoln Station
Lombardi's Pizza
looking for new location... Saturdays
Mahoney’s Grub House
Mahoney’s Grub House Wednesday
Major's Drafthouse
Manatee Island

McKenna's Place Sundays - Opened - Mask Optional - NO CAP
McKenna's Place Tuesdays - Opened - Mask Optional - 9 Max
Mickey Finns
Midtown Lounge

Midtown Lounge

Miller's Ale House Jupiter
MisCue Lounge (Friday)
Moose Lodge PB Gardens
Napper Tandy's Bay Shore (6:45 start)
Napper Tandy's Northport
Napper Tandy's Smithtown
NLNY Weekly BPO Game
Oakdale Brew House
Ocean Republic Brewery
Orioles 294 (Sunday)
Orioles 294 (Thursday)
Overtime Pizzeria and Sports Pub

Overtime Pizzeria and Sports Pub

Paddy Wagon Davenport - Sunday
Paddy Wagon Davenport - Wednesday
Palm Beach Kennel Club
Paradise Sports Lounge Moved from Majors permanently - MM
Pigsty BBQ - Opened - Mask Madatory - No Max
Pirates Well - Tuesday - Mask Optional - STARTS 9/29
Pirates Well Lake Park - Mask optional - 18 max
Pirates Well RPB Sundays - Mask Optional - No Max
Pirates Well RPB Thursday - Opened - Mask Optional - No Max
PiratesWell RPB Mondays - Opened - Mask Mandatory - 9 Max- PRIVATE
Play Arcade & Bar
Portside Bar & Grill (ON HOLD)
Potts Sports Cafe
Recipe Seven Cocktails & Kitchen (ON HOLD)
REEDS Southside Tavern Sunday
Reeds Southside Tavern Thursdays
Rendezvous Lounge

Rendezvous Lounge

Renegades Sunday
Renegades Thursday
Rhum Shak Lake Worth
Riverside Billiards Monday
Riverside Billiards Saturday
RJ's Restaurant & Lounge
Rodney's Jamaican Grill
Sand Bar - Marco Island
Seaside Bar and Grill
Shenanigan's Sports Bar
(Orioles 325)

Shenanigan's Sports Bar
(Orioles 325)

Shennanigans Cafe
Shindigs Irish Pub Sunday
Shores Bar & Grill
Side Door Brewing Company
Sidelines Sports Bar & Grill
Smitty's All American Grill (ON HOLD)
Smoke Inn Boynton - Opened - Mask Optional - No Max
Smoke Inn Delray - Sunday
Smoke Inn WPB Saturday - Opened - Mask Optional - No Max - Starts 10/3
Spare Time Hixson
Special Events Leaderboard Broward
Special Events Leaderboard Colorado
Special Events Leaderboard Treasure Coast
Special Events NLNY
Special Events
Leaderboard NOLEG

Special Events
Leaderboard Palm Beach

Splitz Alley
St. Andrews Tavern
Stevie Tomato's Sports Page (Cape Coral)
Stevie Tomato's Sports Page (Fort Myers)
Stevie Tomato's Sports Page (Immokalee)
Sticky Fingers Ribhouse - Hamilton PL
Stout Bar & Grill
Stout Wednesdays
Swampgrass Willy's Wednesdays
Tail-Gators Friday's

Tail-Gators Tuesday's
Tailgators Deerfield - Start Date 9/14 MASK OPTIONAL - NO CAP
The Artful Dodger- Opened - Mask Optional - No Max
The Beach Bowl & Pelican Arcade
The Brass Tap (Naples)
The Buddha Bar
THE G.O.A.T. (Sunday)
The G.O.A.T.(Thursday)
The Goat Saturdays
The Hut

The Hut

The Mad Hippo Saloon
The Office at City Cafe PLO/Crazy Pineapple
The Rock Irish Pub - STARTS 9/11 - MASK OPTIONAL - NO CAP
Tim Finnegan's - Mask Mandatory - No Cap
Top Shelf Cigar Lounge
Trackside Bar & Grill
Tuna's Seafood Restaurant
Twisted Tuna
Two Drunken Goats
Uncle Al's Sundays
Uncle Al's Thursday
Uncle Mick's
Saturdays 2pm - Mask Mandatory - NO MAX

Uncle Micks Sundays 4:30 - Opened - Mask Mandatory - NO MAX
Unique Lounge
Veni Vidi Vici Tuesdays
VFW Boynton Sundays

VFW Boynton Wednesdays

Victory Lane Cafe
Village Idiot Lake Grove (COMING SOON)
Village Idiot Pub Patchogue (ON HOLD)
Webby's Friday
Welcome Home Brewery
Whiskey Park
Whistle Stop Monday
Whistle Stop Saturday's - Opened - Mask Optional - No Max
World of Beer Grand Opening 2/23/20
Yeoman's Cask & Lion