1. These Tournaments have been added to our existing prize structure for 3 reasons: We want to offer our players more prizes, we want to offer our players more convenience to play locally against their favorite players, and we want a smaller field for our $10k Main Event Championship so that the venues and NO LIMIT can provide even better service during our Flagship Event!
  2. Players can only play in one Regional Championship each season.
  3. Players must finish top 10 in a one night venue or top 15 in a two night venue, and have a minimum of 300 points in order to play in a regional championship
  4. Prizes include a $1500 WSOP Package for 1st place! Players win $1500 for 1st place (or they can chop 4 ways for $365 Voucher Each or 2 ways for $730 Voucher each. Regional Vouchers can be used for NCL/NLO/BPO. Players will compete to advance into the MAIN EVENT CHAMPIONSHIP at the Palm Beach Kennel Club on 7/8/2017.
  5. Top finishers will advance to the Main Event Championship! The Number of players who will advance to the Main Event will be equal to the number of qualifying venues in that region. (Regional Directors will have the option to subdivide this number into multiple Regionals if the region has more than 50 venues and venues are more than 60 miles apart.)
  6. We will give away an exclusive Regional Championship Trophy as well as prizes.
  7. There will be multiple Regional Championships for the convenience of the players.
  8. We will also have a Mini Bahama Event for Game 2. "ALL" players will be able to play in Game 2 and they will get extra chips for Bahama Cards. 1st Place will be a $365 Vacation Voucher in the Game 2 extravaganza! Details to follow.
  9. Regions must have at least 10 venues to qualify to host a Regional Championship.
  10. Venues must have a Bar Leader with over 700 points to be considered a "qualifying venue" for the purpose of all Regional calculations.


  1. Players will start with 5000 in chips and two green chips.
  2. Chip ups will be consistent with nightly chip ups in that region.
  3. Performance Chip Rewards - Top 20 from Regional Leaderboard (Sliding Scale from 10k to 20k), Bar Leaders (2500 chips) and 3 venue qualifiers (2500 chips) will get extra chips.
  4. One shot round will be allowed.
  5. Please check "Special Events" link on website for dates, times and number of qualifiers for each Regional Championship.
  6. Terms and conditions are subject to change.

Regional Championship Tentative Schedule