Main Event Prize Pool

Champion - $2500 WSOP Sponsorship (Airfare + hotel + $1,500 seat)
2nd-6th place - $365 Cruise Voucher and NLO Seat ($365 Equivalent tournament)
7th-10th place NLO Seat ($365 Equivalent tournament)
11th-18th place - $50 Gift Certificate
19th-27th place - $25 Gift Certificate
Over $1500 in various FREE raffles
Game 2 will also be a Bahama Event Structure starting at 7pm and open to all!!

How to Qualify

  1. Players qualify through venue leaderboards
  2. Top 10 at any one night venue qualify for the main event
  3. Top 15 at any two night venue qualify for the main event

The NO LIMIT Main Event Championship is our seasonal flagship event where players from all regions come together to play for Vegas Vacations, Cruises, NLO Seats and much more! We hold our event at the Amara Shriner center where the profits from this event support the Amara Shrine which in turn supports many local charities. This is part of our continued commitment to help charities and the community as a whole.

No Limit is committed to bringing our players a professional quality product in a FREE bar poker environment. We also want to offer the largest prizes in the industry giving our players the chance to win these prizes without risking anything of value.

We are a non-gambling league which is creating a live social game where players can experience the same fun and excitement as the WSOP and win amazing prizes from our sponsors without risking any money! All forms of gambling at our venues is strictly prohibited and any players or dealers caught gambling will be banned from league play. There are no membership and no spending requirements at any NPPT venues.

New Bar Leader Prize Pool

1st $1500 WSOP Sponsorship
2nd-3rd place - $365 Cruise Voucher or $365 NLO seat
4th-9th place - $365 NLO seat